Ed Scarborough’s Biography

Ed Scarborough is a family man with long ties to the grand state of Virginia. Ed has made it his purpose in life to provide for his family while simultaneously making sure that he is able to enjoy his hobbies and make the most out of the life that he’s been given. With interests across the board, Edmund has been able to fulfill his goals while making sure that his family is healthy and happy.

Virginia is one of the first colonies that the British founded on the shores of the so-called New World. Since then, it has consistently played an important part in the life of our country and has been a source of both wealth and men for events ranging from wars (including the Civil War) to the colonizing and Americanization of the western half of our country. Ed Scarborough has managed to follow in this sort of responsibility and has made an effort to ensure that the work that he does helps the communities he works in as well as his investors.

Ed Scarborough: Mining and Construction


Two of the most important occupations that helped build this country are mining and construction. Edmund Scarborough has experience with both and knows, first hand, that these industries were the backbone of our economy for years. Ed began his business career by launching and managing Scarborough Civil Corp, a company that focused on highway construction and underground facilities in Florida. Ed found great success while managing Scarborough Civil Corp and worked on a number of important projects including some that had him working alongside the Army Corps of Engineers. While working with Scarborough Civil Corps, Ed also found himself working on projects ranging from electrical and water control projects to the MacDill Air Force Base.

Ed Scarborough: Qualifications

Along with his prowess in construction, Ed Scarborough is also incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to mining. Ed has a number of professional certifications and affiliations that speak volumes about the quality of the work he does and to the respect he has earned from his peers. Ed holds affiliations with groups such as the National Mining Association, the American Coal Foundation, the American Society of Civil Engineers, and the Federal Highway Spec Committee amongst a number of others. Ed is also committed to staying on top of the latest technologies, information, and techniques. He is currently working on getting an online certification in business and construction law while simultaneously getting his re-certification in project management from the Project Management Institute, the world’s leading non-profit project management association. With all of these qualifications, there is no doubt that Edmund Scarborough is still at the top of his field and a force to be reckoned with.